Nazty hook ups

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The more I swung, the more blood flew, Then he disappeared and my boys disappeared, too! Ah man, homey, My mind is playing tricks on me." I typed that up for him in an e-mail. It starts out with Indian singing and loud, distorted breathing.

Then a weird dance beat slowly fades up and eventually the more familiar guitar loop and instrumental elements we're familiar with from the original come in.

We were in for a squabble no doubt, So I swung and tried to take him out. Even weirder, though, there's a promo 12" (also 1991 from Rap-A-Lot), with no picture cover and additional remixes. There's an R And B Radio Mix, which is basically the same as the Radio version from the mainstream single. Some girl singing a fancy new chorus or different samples in the music? They're the same as each other except one version uses the original vocals and the other the new ones.

He was going down we planned; But this wasn't no ordinary man. But the extended material, maybe you'd think it would be an extra twenty seconds of letting the bat ride at the end?

All four verses are here, plus some cool scratch breakdowns, cutting up pieces of "Mind of a Lunatic" over the track.

So we speeded up the pace; Took a look back, and he was right before our face! Cassette or12", it comes in a picture cover, with the Radio and original Club versions on it, plus Instrumentals. But then you've got the Club Extended Mix ..also the Clean Extended Mix.Some other samples are mixed in, and sound effects are added to the raps.For example, there's a metallic "shnick" sound added when Willie D says, "I live by the sword." It's all kind of a giant mess, really. just something to think about since it's almost Back To School time, right? In fact, I bet an awful lot of you find yourselves wondering aloud: I love The Geto Boys' "Mind Playing Tricks On Me," but how do I share this music with my K through First grader when there's so many swear words in it?Well, don't worry, ladies; because like Master P said, I've got the hook up!

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